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Your Healthy Holiday Survival Guide Is Here

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Hi there!

I used to have a tough time getting through the holiday season. I constantly had a full plate of food and a can of coke in front of me just to handle the stress. I’d find myself eating too many mashed potatoes and too many Tim-Tam Balls.

I was always tired and bloated after indulging at holiday dinners or the office party, and let’s not even mention the weight gain. It really put a damper on what should have been a time to celebrate and have fun.

It wasn’t until years later that I discovered simple strategies to make it through the holiday season without the stress eating and inevitable tummy troubles and extra kgs.

Imagine this...

You make it through the entire holiday season without the bloating, fatigue or weight gain.

It is possible. I know because I developed a plan to make it through the holidays feeling fabulous.

This plan has solutions for you whether you’re tempted by grandma’s homemade pie at your family get-together, struggling to keep your cocktail intake in check at parties, or wondering what to eat if you’re traveling and on the go.

I am here to walk you step-by-step through, what I call, “how to make it work in the real world when temptation is everywhere.”

We are NOT talking about deprivation during the holidays. Instead, I want to give you approachable ideas to help you enjoy the sweetness in life without counting calories.

This Holiday Survival Guide includes my best tips for maintaining your weight, de-bloating after meals and handling stress this holiday season.

PLUS, I’ve given you a 4-day Post-Holiday Healthy Reset Plan with meals and tips to help you get back on track after a night (or few) of indulgence.

Click here to download the Healthy Holiday Survival Guide now.

Enjoy x


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