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Journal your way healthy

I'm going to be honest, I didn't journal for a LOOONNNNNGGGGGG time, even though I was was very aware of its amazing benefits and I recommended it to A LOT of my clients.

Journalling seemed to me like just another thing to add to my long list of jobs that we all have as mothers.

But eventually I gave it a go when I started my Meditation Teacher training (I had to because it was a part of my training), and let me tell you something - It is kind of amazing!!

I am completely converted and can't imagine a life without a journal in it.

The benefits I have experienced first hand include:

- becoming clearer on my goals

- clearer on a strategy to achieve my goals

- a good journalling session can be like a therapy session

- my mood improves and I feel more optimistic

But research has found a heap of other benefits such as:

- stress reduction

- you can learn more about yourself

- can make you a better leader

- can improve your immune system.... the list goes on....

I feel like journalling is something you have to try yourself to really believe in its benefits.

So I guess the question is, are you willing to give it a go?

You can journal about just about anything but getting started can feel a little weird, so I have put together a Health Journey Journal template to support any mothers out there who are wanting to work on their health - this journal can be a great motivational tool and help you explore the things that may have held you back in the past when you have tried to gain more energy or loose some extra kgs (or whatever your health goals are).

Once you start to see some results in your health why not start journalling about other areas of your life.

Here is a link to the Health Journey Journal, you can print it out as many times as you like, or simply use it as a guide in your own journal.

Enjoy x


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