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How to stay 'motivated' for Health

Updated: Mar 10

Motivation is a dirty word, well that's not entirely true but I don't really like it. So often we blame a lack of motivation for our failed attempts to get healthy and it isn't motivations fault!

What we need to do is strengthen our follow through, determination and commitment, because they are the things that help you achieve your goals, any goals for that matter, including health goals.

So how do we stay committed? Here are five ways to stay 'motivated'

Get a partner

Find a friend who is on the same path as you. Workout together, become Strava friends, share recipes/meal plans, become a supportive team for each other! Everything is easier when we have a cheer squad! Just be sure to find a friend who is ready to take action!


It took me a long while to accept this but honestly, if you invest in your health you are more likely to take action - new gym gear, new cook book, fitness tracker - but be warned, this can get expensive so don't rely on investing in fun new things to keep you going all the time, but if you find yourself in a rut this is a great little pick me up to keep going!

Set goals

Be specific and realistic with your goal because you don't want to set yourself up to fail. Having some thing to strive for helps give you direction, and if you don't know where you want to be it will be awful hard to get there!

Track your progress

So now you have set your goals it's time to track your progress! Seeing progress is a fantastic 'motivator' to keep going. The trick is when you achieve your goals, set new ones and keep tracking progress, all too often I see people achieve their goals and then stop trying and end up back where they started.

Get a Coach

Yes, I am a Coach but I am not saying this just so you will work with me (but I would love it if you did). Coaches support you to set fantastic goals, work with you to identify strategies to achieve your goals, keep you accountable along the way! Coaching is all about empowering the client to kick serious goals and create amazing healthy habits - for life!

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