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Finding Inner Joy Through Meditation

I have meditated on and off since I was about 20, and only got really serious about it after I had my children. I felt claustrophobic in my busy working Mum life, I felt like I didn’t even have the space to breathe or think clearly, not even for a moment, let alone feel like I was happy or joyful.

After I started meditating it felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders, I could think clearly, I was calm, I was in a fabulous head space to take control of my life, including my health. I finally felt joy every single day. And I want this for everyone!

I truly believe the world would be a better place if everyone meditated - calmer, more peaceful, more productive, more loving, joyful and caring.

So, if you have stumbled across this post I would love for you to download my Finding Inner Joy Through Meditation publication.

In it I talk about how to meditate, some of the different types of meditation, some of benefits, how to get started, plus a heap of other cool meditation stuff.

I hope you enjoy it.

x Candice

Download here.

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