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A Sound Mind for a Sound Body

According to James West, "Health is a large word.  It embraces not the body only, but the mind and spirit as well; and not today's pain or pleasure alone, but the whole being and outlook of a man."

Most of us, especially Mums, are so busy in our daily routine that we regularly neglect our health. We think about eating well and exercising to maintain or improve our body's shape and health, but it's on and off cycle for the majority of us. The "taking care of your body" cycle usually ends when we become stressed - which is most of the time for us Mums.

The general premise that most of us tend to ignore is that a healthy mind creates a healthy body.

The key to achieving the healthy body you want, is to create a robust state of mind. A healthy mind is constructive and productive, both personally and socially.

You first need to understand how your mind influences your body’s health.

1. Understand the triad: The heart – brain – body triad is on the top of the mindful eating pyramid. In order to maintain mindful eating, it is important to understand your brain’s relationship with food. All three elements of this triad should be in agreement before you decide to put food into your mouth.

This doesn’t require any deep thinking or suggestions from a psychologists or nutritionist. Simply ask yourself before you begin eating whether it is necessary to eat now (and how much) or is it simply your wish. The second important question is whether or not the meal that you are eating is clean and healthy, or if it is only appealing to your taste buds, or emotions! 

2. Exercise with heart: If you don’t use a machine for a long time, it becomes rusty and corroded. The same is true of our bodies. You need to keep it moving in order to make it more productive and to prevent bloating. Eating well is not the end of healthy mind and body awareness. Exercise is important too, but it is most certainly not limited to going to the gym and lifting heavy weights. 

You can get involved in sports, or aerobics or join a low-impact yoga class, or find your local parkrun. Whatever it is, you should exercise with your heart in mind—both physiologically and emotionally. The intent of exercise is not just to make you sweaty and tired, your heart is a muscle, and you must exercise it like any other muscle in your body!  You must also enjoy your exercise. We all know that  breaking a sweat releases beneficial endorphins like serotonin, which make you feel happier and more relaxed, embrace those endorphins!

It is important that you are not forcing yourself to over-exercise, occasionally, it is okay to rest.  Your body needs that, too!

Get in touch with your mind and your body—find an exercise you truly enjoy doing and begin exploring why you eat the things you eat.

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