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4 Surprising Ways Meditation Helps You Achieve A Healthy Weight

Chances are if you have tried to lose weight in the past you have tried diets, cut out carbs and fat, perhaps done a fitness challenge or two and some how ended up back where you started. Don’t worry, you are not alone, far from it!

Why is it that we find eating healthy foods and moving our bodies so difficult? It’s pretty basic, right?

But then we google weight loss and are bombarded with pages and pages of ‘solutions’ – a black hole of restrictive diets, extreme exercises, meal replacements and appetite suppressants. How confusing!

What if there is an easier way? Or more to the point, what if there is a more mindful way?

Nope, I don’t mean thinking yourself skinny. You still have to eat your veggies and move your body, but with the power of your mind on your side you can set yourself up for success.

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” Henry Ford. This guy was spot on!

So how do we ‘think we can?’

We can change our thinking through the simple act of meditation.

Before you say, “But I can’t turn off my mind.” Don’t sweat it, thoughts coming and going is a normal part of meditation, it is all a part of training your brain and your attention. Anyone can do it if they give it a go.

Meditation has a long list of benefits but notably it helps align your subconscious mind with your goals, which directly impacts your ability to commit to changing your habits. It is actually a very powerful tool at achieving any goals, health, career, family, travel, money, etc.

But if that wasn’t enough, here are 4 EXTRA ways meditation helps you achieve a healthy weight.

Meditation helps activate the relaxation response

Did you know that stress activates your fight or flight response? When your body is in a state of fight or flight its chemistry changes, energy is diverted away from things like your digestive tract, reproductive organs, and bowel. Your blood pressure rises and adrenaline surges. Which is all fine if your stress is short lived.

However, today so many of our stresses pile up and continue throughout the day and night at home, at work, stuck in traffic, bills pile up, busy schedules and it is doing great harm to our health, including our weight.

Meditation helps activate the relaxation response, which brings out body chemistry back into a state where your body and its organs functions optimally and can rest and repair.

When your body is relaxed your digestive tract and bowel will work more efficiently at digesting your food which is a big win for reaching a healthy weight.

Meditation improves your sleep, and therefore helps you lose weight

When your body doesn’t get enough sleep, it produced more of the stress hormone cortisol (remember what we just covered re: stress?) Stress and not getting enough sleep can spin into a very vicious and unhealthy spiral.

Plus, when you are sleepy you are more likely to skip exercise and opt for less healthy meals.

So, if you have trouble getting enough sleep meditation can help! A simple mindful relaxation or breathing meditation at bedtime can bring your mind and body to a wonderfully relaxed sleepy state.

When your body is rested it functions better and you have stronger mental stamina to make healthy decisions.

Meditation Increases Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence and Self -Worth

This is a big one!

When we meditate it takes away the power of negative thoughts – you know the ones “I’m not good enough” “Why try, I’m just going to fail” “I don’t really deserve ___”

Imagine a life where negative thoughts didn’t have such a grip on you! While meditation doesn’t involve actually controlling your thoughts, it does decrease the control thoughts have on you. Sounds a little weird I know but try it and see firsthand.

Increased self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth give you the power you need to make healthier lifestyle choices, because you my friend are worth it!

Meditation Helps you Address Emotional Eating

Emotional eating, it sure is a bugger! Filling an emotional void with food. Boy oh boy it is all too easy to do and sometimes oh so difficult to tell when we are doing it, let alone stop.

Meditation helps bring your awareness inwards, it helps you see yourself and be honest with yourself so you can be more mindful of your emotional eating triggers and following actions.

A healthy weight range is so much more achievable when we pry ourselves free of emotional eating.

When you bring meditation into your life and balance it with healthy lifestyle habits like eating unprocessed foods, moving your body and getting enough sleep you are firing on all cylinders. Losing a few kgs will just be the first step in realizing all your big life goals are achievable – it’s kinda exciting!

Candice Fraser is a Meditation and Wellbeing Coach, helping mothers achieve a healthy mind and body through mindfulness and healthy lifestyle habits. Check out her Joyful Mum Formula

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