The Joyful Mum Formula 

for Mums who are ready to feel great.

Improved health and well-being

Feel calmer and more relaxed

Be empowered and have a better connection with you you really are

Less self doubt and more confidence

Increased self awareness and self worth

More energy 

Simplify life and not feel so busy

Become more efficient in day to day life 

​Stronger connection to yourself and others 

This program is a lifestyle reset - change takes time, new habits take time, and if you are serious about getting back on track you really can do it. There are no quick fixes, weight loss pills, cabbage diets, affirmations alone that will get you where you want to be. At the end of the program you have learnt everything you need to know to start your new healthy and mindful lifestyle - FOR LIFE! 

I am here because I have been where you are. After becoming a Mum and heading back to work I completely lost myself. I went from being a fun, ambitious and energetic soul without a care in the world to being time poor, exhausted, stressed, lacking confidence, carrying extra weight and generally feeling blah and lost? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being a Mum, but I had nothing left for me, and guess what? No one wins when Mum isn't in a great place.


Regaining control of your body and mindset is possible. Improving your health and giving your body a fighting chance is possible. Transforming from the inside out is possible.

A Mindful Health approach shifts your focus from counting calories and 'dieting' to living a healthy lifestyle.

Mindfulness + Healthy Habits = Healthy Happy Life!

It's a proven fact - the people who manage to regain energy, lose excess weight (and emotional baggage) and keep it off long term are those who change their lifestyle for good. You need a calm mind to do this. 

It’s about digging deep into stress management, emotional eating, and self-care. If you change your mindset, you can change your body, your health, and your life.

  • Get your health back and get unstuck

  • Feel joy every day

  • Feel strong, powerful and rejuvenated once and for good

  • Get lighter on your feet and in your soul

  • Discover how your body will feel when it's not loaded with toxins, and all that extra baggage you don't need

If you feel like a zombie, eating what’s in front of you, Mumming, working, cleaning, sleeping (kinda), washing, barely making it through the day? Then you are in the right place! 

Embracing Mindful Health, you will be putting yourself in the drivers seat of your health and you’ll discover:

  • A happier mindset

  • More energy

  • Comfort in your own skin

  • And most important - you’ll discover a new, more positive and mindful way of looking at your world!

Our Joyful Mum Reset is completely online and is 100% self-paced because I know how busy you are. 


What's included in the program

Here is what we cover: 

  • Introduction to meditation, including three meditation techniques

  • Finding YOU, a well as being a Mum

  • Save time, money and your mind (no more 'What's for tea Mum')  Time to get your meal plan on! 

  • How to stop Mindless Eating

  • Self Care for Mums is a real thing! Bonus: You can look after you! 

  • Veg-out and fuel your body 

  • Mindful Eating, it's a thing! 

  • Food and Habits that Boost Energy (because Mums can never have too much energy) 

  • Managing Stress and Getting Enough Sleep (without having to run away from home)

  • Plus 4 BONUS Modules on Cravings, Portion Control, Journaling and Gratitude. 

This is the support you receive

  • ​Content broken down into separate units making the whole program easy to follow!  

  • Fortnightly Group Coaching Call - put your personal questions forward and we will Coach you to help get you to where you want to be 

  • Practical strategies to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into everyday life 

  • Meditations in each unit relevant to the theme of the unit. 

  • Self-Awareness prompts to really get you thinking about YOU

  • Bonus Meditation Library

  • Closed Facebook Support Group - ask questions any time and hang out online with like-minded Mums 

  • Support with no judgment

  • Accountability!


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