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Mindful Health 

Mindfulness + Healthy Habits = Happy Healthy Mum 


Would you like

  • to improve your health and wellbeing

  • feel calmer and more relaxed

  • to feel empowered and have a better connection with you you really are

  • less self doubt and more confidence

  • more self awareness and self worth

  • more energy 

  • to simplify things and not feel so busy

  • to be more efficient in day to day life 

  • the ability to switch off and pause 

  • a stronger connection to yourself and others 


The Joyful Mum Formula

Mindful Health for Mums

Our world makes it really hard to stay connected to who we really are, to stay healthy and look after ourselves. We live in a time where our worth is measured by how 'busy' we are. Mix that with supermarkets stocked with over-processed foods, and marketing messages reminding us constantly that we aren't good enough. Plus, we are Mums! 

We’ve lost touch with who we really are, what is really important, what real nutrition is - instead we fill ourselves with netflix, social media, empty calories and try to keep healthy with pills and powders and measure our self worth through social media feeds. Then, we wonder why our bodies and mindset has plummeted.

Regaining control your body and mindset is possible. Improving your health and giving your body a fighting chance is possible. Transforming from the inside out is possible.

Mindfulness + Healthy Habits = Healthy Happy Life!

It's a lifestyle thing. 

It's a proven fact - the people who manage to regain energy, improve their outlook on life, lose excess weight (and emotional baggage) and keep it off long term are those who change their lifestyle for good.

It’s about digging deep into stress management, mindless eating, and self-care. If you change your mindset, you can change your body, your health, and your life.

  • Get your health back and stop feeling stuck

  • Feel strong, powerful and rejuvenated once and for good

  • Get lighter on your feet and in your soul

Some of the benefits of Meditation can include: 

  • Calms the nervous system and reduces stress

  • Improves your relationship with yourself

  • A stronger sense of happiness and self love

  • Stabilised blood pressure, reduced cholesterol levels and reduced the risk of heart disease

  • Reduces stress and anxiety 

  • Increased emotional intelligence

  • Feeling less isolated 

  • Increases productivity

  • Helps reprogram old habits

  • Increased awareness and intuition 

Meditation is one of the best kept secrets in the world and has been around for thousands of years, and finally the western world is catching on. 

Our Joyful Mum Reset is completely self paced to work around your life (I'm a Mum, I know how this time thing works). 

Take a look at what we cover: 

  • Mindfulness and meditation for Mums including weekly meditations. 

  • Finding YOU, a well as being a Mum

  • Save time, money and your mind (no more 'What's for tea Mum')  Time to get your meal plan on! 

  • How to stop Mindless Eating

  • Self Care for Mums is a real thing! Bonus: You can look after you! 

  • Veg-out and fuel your body 

  • Mindful Eating, it's a thing! 

  • Food and Habits that Boost Energy (because Mums can never have too much energy) 

  • Managing Stress (without having to run away from home)

This program is a lifestyle reset - change takes time, new habits take time, and if you are serious about getting back on track you really can do it. There are no quick fixes, weight loss pills, cabbage diets, affirmations alone that will get you where you want to be. At the end of the program you have learnt everything you need to know to start your new healthy and mindful lifestyle - FOR LIFE! 

PLUS - We include 4 BONUS modules in this program around Cravings, Portion Control, Journaling, and Gratitude. 


About Candice

Inspiring Change

I'm Candice, Meditation Teacher, Health Coach, Mum of two energetic boys, wife, fun runner (or shuffler) and proud healthy Mum on a mission to help other Mum's embrace balance through a healthier and more mindful lifestyle.  BTW Healthy does not equal skinny! 

After becoming a Mum I completely lost myself. I went from being a fun, ambitious and energetic soul without a care in the world to being time poor, exhausted, stressed, lacking confidence, carrying extra weight and generally feeling blah and lost! 

Enough was enough, I tried a pile of "diets" and felt great for a while, but then I would end up back where I started, and on top of that I felt like a failure! Sound familiar? 

I had to rediscover me, that's where mindfulness and meditation comes in! Then I had to create new healthier habits, that's where the health coaching and habit change comes in!  

After doing it for myself I took the plunge and went back to study and become accredited to be able to help other women achieve better health.  

Our Mindful Health approach shift your focus from 'weight loss' to HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. Change your mindset and the world changes with you!  ​

The strategy within our Joyful Mum Reset program is around introducing mindfulness and meditation as a foundation to be able to then improve habits around eating and exercise. We keep it super simple. 

The key to success is putting yourself in charge of your health.  


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Candice helped me identify my long term goals, taught me how to change my habits one at a time. It took a little longer than a crash diet to lose the weight, but now it's gone for good.



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